Fountain Pen Day 2021 Give Away (Late)

Well it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted but we’ve had a lot happening in our family’s personal life. In addition to both of our older boys headed off to college full time, we also moved to a new city and all that includes such as Chrissy changing jobs and Alyssa starting a new…

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Pen Maker, Pen Maker make me a pen now.

If you’re new to to this whole custom pen craze or are an old pro who has been collecting custom pens for a long time you’ll find that every pen maker works differently. One of the most common questions is when will you make my pen that I’m paying you hard earned money for? I…

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My packaging is boring and I did it for you!

That’s right, I said it. My packaging is B O R I N G! It’s a plain white box. You slice open the contrasting brown packing tape, open the box and are greeted with some wadded up brown Kraft shipping paper with a bubble wrapped pen somewhere in the middle. I don’t sell unboxing experiences,…

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